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    My new Canon 16-35 mm f4 is not recognized by Lightroom 5.6


      I used the new lens and I am experiencing the same problem as someone else on this forum posted last month.  The lens is not being recognized by Lightroom 5.6 and the distortion is severe... very severe. 


      Can someone assist me with resolving this problem.


      Thank you.

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There is a bug in the lens profile that Adobe will fix in a future version that will allow it to be automatically selected when the Lens Setup is set to Auto.


          You can, however, make it automatically selected with the Lens Corrections Profile Setup set to Default by selecting up a new photo with that lens, choosing the right lens profile so Setup will say Custom, then clicking on Setup, again, and choosing Save New Lens Profile Defaults.  Now whenever Default is selected LR will automatically select your new lens profile defaults, and for other lenses it’ll still do Auto.


          What you’ll want to do after saving the new defaults is set LR to use Default as the default value for Setup instead of Auto.  TO do this load up a completely new photo with new adjustments, it doesn’t matter what lens, then choose Default for the Lens Corrections Setup value, and press the Alt key and choose Set Default… and Update to Current Settings. From now on, for that camera, LR will have Default for Setup instead of Auto and it’ll pick your custom profile for this particular lens.