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    Moving linked files

    myDavey Level 1


      I have a workflow which requires me to move files and folders

      My problem is having to deal with linked items:


      I start by creating a folder called "Book 1", I have all types of content in there including linked items

      After Book 1 is printed, I need to copy it to an archive folder which will be called "Archives > Book 1 - Edition 1"

      The original folder will stay intact, enabling me to make adjustments easily


      The problem is that the files copied to the archived folder are still linked to the files in the original folder

      How can I automatically change the links to connect to the current folder?

      (If I had to do this once in a while, I would do it manually

      But the situation is that I have to do this many times, and to many folders)



      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated