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    how can I import external xml


      Please i want to call a HTTPService to populate markers from external .xml file  instead of populating it directly in the main.mxml. Thank you!





        protected var MarkerImage:Class;


        private var srcXML:XML =



        <name>Pen Cinema Agege</name>



        <description>Pen cinema Agege</description>



        <name>SilverBird Galleria</name>



        <description>SilverBird Galleria</description>







      private function addMarkers():void


        for each (var resort:XML in srcXML.location){

        resortMarker = new PointMarker();                                             

        var markerImage:Bitmap = new MarkerImage() as Bitmap;

        markerImage.x = -markerImage.width/2

        markerImage.y = -markerImage.height/2


        resortMarker.resortName = resort.name;

        resortMarker.resortDesc = resort.description;

        resortMarker.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, handleMouseClick);                     

        _map.putMarker(new Location(resort.lat, resort.long), resortMarker);