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    Using Edge for eLearning?


      I'm at the end of a rope here. I am an AE animator with very little experience in Edge or with any code whatsoever.


      I have to make an interactive string of videos. The interaction is very simple (think multiple choice with all choices being correct, or sometimes just a "next" button). I have created the videos in AE in 4 parts and the interaction occurs between each video to make one finished piece. At the end, there needs to be a "Was this helpful? ()yes ()no / Why or why not [______]" type page. We need to be able to track the answers from those fields, obviously. Also (and here's where I'm really stumped) the entire string of videos needs to have player controls. If a scrubber bar isn't possible, we can settle for just a play/pause, forward and back buttons. These buttons need to control the entire timeline, including the 4 videos and the little interactions in between.


      I even tried making this whole thing in Captivate, but we ran into a whole bunch of compatibility issues and it's not as customizable as I'd like.