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    Questions about InDesign CC performance / new computer?

    Craig Lindsay Level 1

      I have some questions and was hoping I could get some answers here.


      Due to poor performance in InDesign CC I have considered getting a new computer. I work with around 100 or so images, lots of text, all usually with bevels, shadows and other effects applied.

      Simply put, moving anything like an image or text, and dragging around the screen is quite slow. Some move operations take up to 10 seconds before they actually happen. It's disruptive, and my efficiency could be greatly improved if I could get rid of these issues.

      I'm wanting to know what I can do to improve this. I've messed around with the display performance settings, but ultimately it's a hassle and somewhat difficult to work with them turned down -- and I really want to avoid doing that.


      The system I'm using is a 2008 Mac Pro w/ a dual quad-core @ 2.8GHz, 16GB RAM, and a GTX 285 1GB on Mavericks. I've also packaged up my file and tested it on a 2013 iMac w/ i5 3.4GHz quad, 16GB RAM, GTX 775M 2GB on Yosemite. One CPU core (and only one) was pegged at 100% immediately after moving or doing anything on the page -- even dragging around got it up to 80-90% or more. Performance was a bit better on the newer Mac, but still bad.


      What I want to ask is, what's important for InDesign? Graphics power? VRAM? CPU power? Cores? RAM and RAM speed? It doesn't seem to me that InDesign CC uses more than one core. Is there anything I can do to improve this?


      Would greatly appreciate any information!


      Kind Regards