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    htmlText and it's reliablility.. Possible Bug...

    Justin Panté
      Hello All,

      I was wondering if anyone has experienced this issue before.

      Using any Text component in flex , I set the htmlText variable to a string of html that i've retrieved from a flat xml file. Whenever, I include more than one <IMG> tag in the string to display html in text component the component seem's to experience some 'technical dificulties'.

      Before i go into the issues, the HTML is valid.

      The first is that the text is no longer selectable, the cursor does not become an insertion point when over the text.

      The second, which may be a result from the first, is that any link tags within the html are no longer enabled and the cursor still remains a pointer rather than changing to a hand pointer.

      Inconsistently, when i have clicked the link it seems to select all the text from the link to the end of the text box.

      Have others experienced this issue before? or is this a possible bug in text components when using the htmlText variable