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    I am not able to open my Adobe Creative Cloud any more...What happened?


            The following is the information shows why I am not able to use my Adobe Creative Cloud. I don't konw why and how this kind of information appeared on my desktop, then I was not able to open the Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustractor CC, AfterFX... again, but I am still able to open and use Adobe Premiere Pro,Adobe Audition CC and  Flash. I don't understand what happened... when I tried to follow the instructions that shows below, it asked me to pay $500 so that I could use my Adobe again... So what can I do in order to fix it?



      "What happened to your files? All of your files were protected by a strong encryption with RSA-2048 using CryptoWall 2.0. More information about the encryption keys using RSA-2048 can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RSA_(cryptosystem) What does this mean?

      This means that the structure and data within your files have been irrevocably changed, you will not be able to work with them, read them or see them, it is the same thing as losing them forever, but with our help, you can restore them.

      How did this happen? Especially for you, on our server was generated the secret key pair RSA-2048 - public and private.

      All your files were encrypted with the public key, which has been transferred to your computer via the Internet.

      Decrypting of your files is only possible with the help of the private key and decrypt program, which is on our secret server. What do I do? Alas, if you do not take the necessary measures for the specified time then the conditions for obtaining the private key will be changed.

      If you really value your data, then we suggest you do not waste valuable time searching for other solutions because they do not exist. For more specific instructions, please visit your personal home page, there are a few different addresses pointing to your page below:


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