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    Offline Files Dialog Box

    fxcreator Level 1

      In After Effects CC and CC 2014, whenever a project is open and files/folders on the computer are renamed or moved, a dialog pops up in AE notifying me that my files have gone offline. In past versions of AE, the dialog would say something along the lines of "16 files have gone offline". You would click "OK" and continue on your day. In the latest versions of AE, a dialog box pops up for each and every individual file. I then have to click "OK" or hold down ENTER until all the boxes go away. This can be very annoying if a lot of files go offline at once.


      Is there anyway to switch the method of the dialog box back to the way it used to be?

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          fxcreator Level 1

          It's now June 2016 and we are in After Effects 2015.3 and the dialog box remains as tedious as ever. I'm surprised this hasn't been a bigger issue for AE users. If you have hundreds of files on a drive that go offline while working in a project, you better hope you have a decent auto-save. Otherwise, you are forced to sit and hold down enter until hundreds of dialog boxes go away and let you continue working. This could be a very simple fix adobe. Additionally, you could add an option in Preferences/General that allows you to turn of that notification all together.

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            taeke63 Level 1

            I was about to post about this as well (AE 2015.3), but you've also raised the issue.


            The error message doesn't only pop-up per file, but also per layer in the same file. I had a PSD-file with a hundred layers or so which was seen as offline, so you can imagine the pleasure in having to click the message a hundred of times. I though I could probably close AE by clicking the top right-hand cross, but the error message prevents this. A task-kill would have been possible, but I just wanted to see what happened if I kept clicking.


            So Adobe, please have the option to click "file offline", and then ignore any next occurences. Talk with the Premiere programmers how to implement this

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              Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

              if the two of you instead of writing it here, could file a feature request, you will be doing all of us in the Ae Community a huge favor.

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