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    Graphics turning Red or Black after a while for no apparent reason?


      For some reason every time I import graphics to the library they are fine. But when I put them on the stage (there's about 30 of them in each of different keyframes) they seem to be replaced by black or red rectangles. In the library, they are fine, and when I export them as a .MOV they are sometimes fine. If I export them as an .AVI, however, they remain red and black. It's not all of the graphics, but the longer that I am in Flash, the more of them turn red.


      I can't tell if it's one corrupt file or a corrupt installation, but it's been on three computers: a terrible laptop with Windows 7, a Mac, and a modern desktop with Windows 8.


      Can anyone fill me in on what might be the cause or possible solutions? (or ways to diagnose it?)