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    Lost InDesign Document Presets




      I am using InDesign CS4 and all of a sudden my Document Presets have disappeared - I don't recall anything strange happening, I just booted it up this morning and they have gone.


      Has this happened to anyone before? is there a way of getting them back? had around 20+ Presets so a bit of a bummer them disappearing.



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Unless you backed them up, they're probably gone. Document presets are stored inside the InDesign Defaults file as part of your preferences, but you can save them to an external file from File > Document Presets > Define... so that they can be reloaded if you need to do things like reset the prefs. There was a long time during which time zone changes for daylight savings time would also wipe the prefs, (and as far as I know it still kills the InDesign SavedData file), but I don't recall if CS4 is affected this way. I think not.