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    Change swf loading text duration


      Hello all, I work with Presenter 9 and I would like to know if we can change the loading duration of the "swf loading text". I would like that the text stay a longer time on the screen. Is there someone who knows it? Thanks a lot. Sylvie

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          That text displays for the amount of time that it takes to load the first three slides. If you make the first three slides larger in file size (add large graphics or video content) then it will have the loading screen display longer. You could also create your own 'loading' screen as the first slide in the presentation and then you would be able to dictate the durration of that slide based on the amount of silence or audio that you place on that slide.

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            SylBergeron Level 1

            That makes sense that it is linked to the time of loading and cannot be changed. Thanks for your suggestions Jorma! I will do one of these two.