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    Unexpected end of file on DNG using LR5


      I was editing images in Lightroom 5, just applying "blue" labels to images I wanted to look at again.  Then on one image I did some color and tone corrections.  Then when I went to open that image in PS I got an error message saying Unexpected end-of-file.  The other images which had no color or tone corrections do not have this problem and open fine.


      I downloaded a trial of capture one, and it is not able to open or convert it either.

      I know this pops up from time to time but not much with DNG, as I saw it listed in a few forums, but none really seem to answer if it is fixable.  I looked at the files in iHex-hex editor as one forum briefly mentioned that, but even comparing it to other files that are working fine I don't know what I am looking at with that.

      I don't have a backup of this image, so recovery is my only option...that is if it is an option.

      The images are stored on a Drobo.  I had LR set to save metadata changes to the files automatically.  Camera was Leica M240, but I think this error happened while editing in LR, as I was able to generate a 1:1 preview before I started editing.

      Do you know if it is fixable? And if so how?

      Thanks in advance