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    Scene 1 Layer Actions 1120: access of undefined property window Help!


      I am really new to Flash and i am using the current Flash CC to create a Banner with changing pictures and a button that changes target for each slide.

      I'm in a HTML Canvas and everything seems to work ok in the test Ctrl + enter with the button going to the different pages.

      The 5 errors occur when i export to SWF Movie

      Scene1, layer actions, frame 1 line 4 Column 2 1120: access of undefined property window.

      Scene1, layer actions, frame 40 line 4 Column 2 1120: access of undefined property window.


      From looking around it would seem to be the button actions that i have used the code snippets for.

      Actions: Frame1

      this.buttonOne.addEventListener("click", fl_ClickToGoToWebPage);


      function fl_ClickToGoToWebPage() {

          window.open("http://www.fireflybbq.eu/#!product/prd1/2832376001/kansas-sweet-%26-smoky-bbq-rub", "_blank");


      Actions: Frame 40


      this.buttonTwo.addEventListener("click", fl_ClickToGoToWebPage_2);


      function fl_ClickToGoToWebPage_2() {

          window.open("http://www.fireflybbq.eu/#!rubs/c1faw", "_blank");



      Im not sure whats wrong with the code as it work in test but not in the export any help would be appreciated