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    Coldfusion and Flex or just Coldfusion

    Monique1335 Level 1

      So an application I have inheritted has been running for some years with CF8 and Flex. It assigns tasks, appointmnts, rest days, holidays of our operators. The operators open the application on their laptop or available PC. But we think that this system is somehow old and slow and we think we needs more interaction with the operators.


      One xample of what we need. It would be nice if the operator can inform the app about realtime changes so that another operator can be despatched for backup. Also the operators want to have their own space and communication channels.


      We want to make the system easier to use. If possible using Coldfusion only. With Ajax? I don't know if this is possible. Any ideas?

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          Carl Von Stetten Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          In theory, almost anything you did in Flex should be doable using JavaScript/CSS3/HTML5 and ColdFusion.  The performance gap between Flex/ColdFusion integration and JavaScript (AJAX)/ColdFusion is not nearly as wide as it was in the days when ColdFusion 8 was released.  That said, without knowing exactly which Flex features you are using it is hard to provide an answer with certainty.


          Upgrading ColdFusion to the current release (version 11) should provide a performance increase as well. 

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            Monique1335 Level 1

            Thanks Carl! I am quite excited and am already thinking of the new possibilities, also with HTML5, in direction of mobile apps.


            Sorry i shouldve explained. What we use the most are Flex events and data services which interact with cfcs in the backend.