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    frustrated with external css link


      I had an external css link that was working in edge version 2014.0, then I upgraded to 2014.1 and edge will no longer link to the external css link that it would before. (The reason I have an external css is that I have some elements that I am adding thru javascript to the stage later so that I don't clutter up the stage - these elements added later were then styled with my external css but now it doesn't work). I was able to get the css to link before by manually adding the css in the edge_Preload.js:

        aLoader = [

            { load: "edge_includes/jquery-2.0.3.min.js"},

            { load: "edge_includes/edge.4.0.0.min.js"},

            { load: "js/rollarCoasterQuestionsMain.js", user: true },

            { load: "js/rollarCoasterQuestion1.js", user: true },

            { load: "js/rollarCoasterQuestion2.js", user: true },

            { load: "js/rollarCoasterQuestion3.js", user: true },

            { load: "js/rollarCoasterQuestion4.js", user: true },

        { load: "css/rollarCoasterQuestionsMain.css"},                 //this was the added line that worked before

            { load: "js/jquery.cookie.js", user: true },

            { load: "rollarCoasterR1_edge.js"},

            { load: "rollarCoasterR1_edgeActions.js"}];


      It no longer works allowing me to add the external stylesheet this way... so I'm looking for a new way but going through the forum I've found the following examples that I haven't gotten to work:

      Putting this in the stage code (technically is in the edgeActions.js file): sym.$("<link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' href='css/rollarCoasterQuestionsMain.css'>").appendTo("#Stage");   //couldn't get this to work


      Then tried putting this in my external javascript file just to try it another way but it diddn't work either (in my js/rollarCoasterQuestionsMain.js file):

      $( "#Stage" ).append( "<link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' href='../css/rollarCoasterQuestionsMain.css'>" );   // but this didn't work either


      Please help