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    rollover mc...get previous/next elements of array

      Hello ,
      I have dynamically created array image gallery ...when I rollover one image I want it to enlarge and shift neighbouring images aside...
      What I need to know is : when I rollover particular mc with image how to list mcs with indexes lower in that array and with higher index number in that array ?

      Now I need to get the mcs with lower index and higher index than that one mcs that was rolled over

      Anybody ??
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          Glazer Level 1
          It depends on how you've named the mc's,

          f they're named: image1, image2, etc.
          then you'll need to use the String.subtr() method to strip out the word "image" from the name of the mc, then you can use the remaining number as a reference to the mc, otherwise:

          If you've dynamically attached the mc's (ie. using the "attachMovie" method), then you could use the depth property as a reference number.

          Once again it depends on how you've got your flash file set up.

          Either way, try the following, it doesn't use any of the above methods, but it should work anyway (can't test it out myself)