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      How can import 2 channel audio from a camera onto elements?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What version of Premiere Elements do you have and on what computer operating system is running?


          We can give you specific details with details from you...but, for now, the generalization is


          For audio saved to the computer hard drive...


          Premiere Elements 11, 12, 13


          a. Add Media/Files and Folders/Project Assets and drag the file from Project Assets to the Narration Track,

          Soundtrack or one of the numbered audio tracks.


          Premiere Elements earlier than 11

          a. Get Media/Files and Folders/Project Media and drag the file from the Project Media area to the

          Narration Track, Soundtrack or one of the numbered audio tracks.


          Are you having problems getting your audio into a project? If so, please give the format of the audio and

          its source. iTunes music typically needs conversion to .mp3 or .wav before import into Premiere Elements



          The answers are in the details and you have not given us much to work with in order to be more specific.





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            woolfmusher Level 1
            Thanks of fast  response ATR. I'm using Premiere elements 12 on an iMac  OS 10.9.5. The video is MPEG4 from  ASony PMW300. I've  been using footage with channel one audio but when I imported stuff  with channel 2   I got video and no audio. I can't find anywhere in the setup that allows you to select channel to import. Any ideas?





            Terry Woolf
            Lone Woolf TV
            Yellowknife, NT


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              A.T. Romano Level 7

              Terry Woolf


              Thanks for the follow up.


              Have you updated 12 to the 12.1 Update yet? If not, please do so using an opened project's Help Menu/Update.


              For the immediate issue...


              At this point, I am not relating your mono versus stereo to the cause of your no audio for your video audio import - if I am interpreting your comments correctly.


              But, if...


              If you have a file with 2 channel audio, before it sees Premiere Elements, take the audio part of the file into a free audio editor like Audacity Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder

              and do your channel editing there. Then export the edited audio to a file type that is compatible with Mac computer as well

              as Premiere Elements


              The fx Effects audio effects Fill Left and Fill Right are an after the import idea, not before import and not directing importer as to what to import.

              In this case, the right or left channel is duplicated and the other discarded after application of the effect to the clip.


              Back to the properties of what you are trying to import into your Premiere Elements 12 Mac project.

              a. Have you ever imported any files from the Sony PMW300 successfully (video and audio) into a Premiere Elements 12/12.1 project?

              b. What are the properties of this current file that imports with video and no audio. When no audio,

              • no sound but you see an audio representation in the Timeline audio track
              • no sound and no audio representation in the Timeline audio track

              c. Are any of these file .mxf files?


              Let us start here and then consider what next.


              Thank you.



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                woolfmusher Level 1
                Hello ATR, I have found a work around that will solve my problem and allow me to move on with my project. I converted the original footage using Wondershare video converter from an MP4 file  back to to an MP4 file but selected the audio track I needed. Now can run it into Premiere and use it.When I have some free time will try to sort the issue out properly but this works for now.Thanks very much for your help
                Terry Woolf
                Lone  Woolf TV


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                  A.T. Romano Level 7

                  Terry Woolf


                  Thanks for the follow up and great news that you found a workaround for your Premiere Elements audio workflow issue. Great job.


                  Please update us if any further developments when your schedule permits.


                  Thank you.