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    Sorting option keeps changing all the time

    Bernd Rac Level 1


      not to sure if i am the only with that issue but it drives me crazy . The sorting option in lightroom keeps changing all the time on it's on especially after editing a picture in photoshop and then going back to lightroom. My default sorting option is capture date. So I choose a photo to edit in photoshop save it and when I go back in lightroom the sorting option is at custom (which I never changed) Then when clicking back to sort by capture time, lightroom jumps back to the first image of the folder and I have to browse through the entire folder until I find the image i just edited (that folder contains over 2000 images so it is very time consuming to go through all those steps to get back working.

      Logically lightroom shoot go back to the image which was edited and put the new tiff file which was created from photoshop on to the side of the original RAW file so someone could continue with the next image and not have to find them first again.

      Now that is happening either in library mode or develop mode.

      hope someone has a solution maybe it is just a tick I miss selecting or unselecting.