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    Replicating VICE News Intro


      Hey everyone,


      I have recently grown fond of the VICE News Intro (feel free to YouTube "VICE News" then watch any of their documentary videos).


      Does anyone have any tutorials on how to create the title effect that is present in the videos (where "VICE News" expands on a black bar from the center of the screen.)


      The blur effect is pretty simply replicated using key frames, but the title bar and text itself is what's eluding me.


      Help would be appreciated!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Add a black solid to a new standard HD composition, add your logo or text so that it is at least as big as you ever want it to be, mask the black background to frame the logo, nest this composition in your main composition and either make it a 3D layer and move in on it with a camera or animate scale. That is it. This is extremely basic stuff. If you are new, please start here: Basic Workflow