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    New release!

    Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
      You have spoken. We have rolled out an update to kuler with many of your requested features, especially those oft-requested RSS feeds, clickable tags, and the ability to see user themes by clicking the avatar or user ID. Also look for much smoother editing in the color panel. If you are a Mac OS user, try out the Apple Dashboard Widget. (Windows users, we’ve got something in the works.) [Update: we have an Apollo version in development!]

      Many thanks to the kuler members who discussed and helped test the fixes for those really tenacious bugs including the infamous “black screen of death,” missing color values, color shifting, and the non-functioning custom rule. We appreciate your patience.

      And last but not least, by making additional tweaks to the site and adding more server power, we’re really hoping for an easier ride.

      Explore and see what else is new. Let us know what you think.

      the kuler team

      p.s. For those folks who are asking for APIs, we hear you. Stay tuned.
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          wow, awesome update. It's great that the custom color bug is now fixed, and so far everything is running smoothly.

          Nice job :D
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            I have read through the "Black Screen of Death" posts and sympathized with others peoples problems but still have the problem myself. Can you help?

            1. Problem description (mention all that apply)
            - Missing color values (all at 0)/black swatches
            - An all-black screen with only Terms of Use visible
            - Similar problem _____________________________
            all black screen with TOS, "help" and "kuler talk" visible. Worked yesterday.

            2. What OS (and OS version) are you using?

            3. What browser (and browser version) are you using?

            Both Firefox 2.0 and IE6, same problem

            4. Please go here and tell us what version of the player you currently have installed: http://www.adobe.com/products/flash/about/


            5. kuler requires version 9, 0, 28. What version of the Flash player did you start with before you upgrading to 9, 0, 28?

            no idea

            6. Did you use the express install on kuler.adobe.com or did you visit Adobe.com and click on the “Get Flash Player” button (prior to visiting the kuler site)?

            no idea

            7. Have you installed the public Alpha/Beta of the Flash authoring tool?


            8. Have you ever installed an Alpha/Beta version of the Flash 9 player?

            9. Did you close all browsers before uninstalling the Flash player? Did you close all browsers before installing 9, 0, 28?

            yes, i think so

            10. Is there any other info that you think might be relevant (e.g., consistent steps to repro, etc.)?

            cannot open PDF documents through firefox, although works in IE

            11. Would you be willing to help us test a fix? (Y/N)

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              Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
              Hi, so just to clarify, kuler worked fine yesterday but not today?
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                dcparke Level 1
                Yes. I used it yesterday for the first time and it seemed to work fine. At then end of the day I went back to the site and it no longer worked. Figured it was down and I could check back today. Nope. Still does not work.

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                  Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                  I'll log a bug on this and we'll see. If it starts working again for you, please let me know. This is probably related to detection for the Flash Player b/c you can't see any Flash, only the non-Flash elements (terms of use, etc.). Stay tuned, and thanks for letting us know.

                  I'm also going to move us over to the black screen of death topic to keep things grouped. I'll post an update there.

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                    PrettyKitties Level 1
                    Kuler is just too KUL!! I'm anxiously awaiting the Window Widget!
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                      great it works for me now
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                        Great !! No more color shifting. Now Kuler have set of 5 colors. How about 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 colors at your choice? Look my comment at Helsinki winter colors theme.
                        Thanks again.
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                          This update is great. Thanks for the fixes, Sami.
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                            Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                            We are always open to ideas, and I'll pass the kudos along to the team. :)
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                              Can I put in a request for a better search mode? if I am looking at the Highest Rated pages, and lets say I get up to 1,500 or so, which probably took me about 45 minutes of my time. Then I play with some ideas on the Create page. When I come back to the Highest Rated to explore some more, OH NO! I have to start all over from page one!!! and go through all the ones I have already seen...

                              You get the idea?, Why can't I just type in a number range to jump ahead to 1,501???

                              Sorry for the rant, but I don't know who to send these ideas to. I cannot find any feedback system. Hopefully, you will pass this on...
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                                Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                                Hi James,
                                You came to the right place to make your feature request. :)
                                We've had some other requests for improved browsing, and we're looking into it. Out of curiosity, how are you using kuler?
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                                  barva Level 1
                                  I'm sure this will be a heretical suggestion. But given that kuler is about choosing colors, it would be far more useful to me to have CIE L*c*h* than CIE L*a*b*. Or at least to have it as an option. The HSV system leaves a lot to be desired in terms of assessing saturation and brightness, as I guess most everybody who's into color knows.

                                  Using L*a*b*, we can match lightness values. But unless you've got a gift for doing square roots in your head, the a* and b* numbers aren't really very useful for measuring saturation. L*c*h*, for anyone reading this who doesn't know, is the same as L*a*b* but with the difference that it gives a hue angle (h*), just like on the kuler wheel and, more importantly, a saturation value (c*). Since CIE is perceptual -- unlike HSV -- that would mean we could judge the true saturation of colors in kuler just by referencing that value. The HSV 'saturation' value is really more of an "added white/added black" value (which is useful, too). At least that's how I understand it.

                                  Like I say, I don't expect you folks at Adobe to buy into this one. But I do wonder why. It would provide a really useful way of working with color, to complement (forgive the pun) the other ways kuler already provides.

                                  Mark A.
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                                    Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                                    Hi Mark,
                                    This from our kuler talk Adobe special guest, Ty Voliter.


                                    Thank you for letting us know about other color spaces you find useful. I agree that CIE L*c*h* would offer users a more intuitive and perceptual way of specifying colors over HSB and Lab. In developing LiveColor for Illustrator CS3 and kuler we recognized the deficiencies with the HSB color space as well as our users' familiarity with it since it appears in many Adobe products.