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      I merged a hand full of child projects in Robohelp 8 HTML using the method developed by Peter Grainge. When I open generated file of any child project in IE11, there is no problem, but when generated file of parent project is opend by IE11, images are rotated as they are seen in mirror, TOC is not shown and content of pages are shifted to right hand side of monitor. Every thing is OK when I open generated file of parent project with Chrome and Firefox. It seems there is some conflicts between IE11 and merging

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          Hi. RoboHelp 8 is quite an old version these days and would not support such a new browser as IE11. I bet you'd also have issues with IE10 and possibly even IE9. If other browsers work that is your answer, or upgrade your RoboHelp licence to a version that supports the newer browsers.

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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

            I'm inclined to agree with Colum but take a look at my instructions for later versions of Rh. You will see in Step 5 that I revised the redirect method. I don't believe that will make any difference as that was done to make the merge work from later versions of Rh and your merge is working other than IE. As I recall the change was made for Firefox anyway.


            Can you install the trial of Rh11 on a different machine and copy your project to that?



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