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    yosemite, After Effects CS6, .r3d files




      I am having multiple problem with after effect (CS6 11.0.4) on the new mac operating system (Yosemite) regarding .r3d files.


      Before I updated to Yosemite. I was able to view, edit, render, etc RED files in After Effects. Now that I have updated to Yosemite I cannot use the RAM preview (when I try it says Error, that I need to select more than one frame). I also cannot render my project out (that has RED files). After I've opened a project file, when I first place the scrubber in my timeline I can see the frame I've selected but when I move the scrubber to a different location the whole file is black and stays that way no matter how many times I move the scrubber to different locations. When I close the project file with RED files I get a warning that says adobe doesn't recognize the file and they are unsupported but I never got this error with Mavericks.


      I opened a project file with .mov files and everything seems to work just fine. I also opened a project file that had .mov and .r3d files in the same project. Everything worked fine for the .mov but I was having the same issues with the .r3d.


      Anyone know how to fix this?


      Thanks in advance!