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    Authorizing reader for library books


      My last Sony reader suffered a heart attack, or something, in September.
      My replacement cannot handle a transfer from the Adobe Digital Editions Library module.


      I'm using a SONY PRS-350. on a Dell using WIndows 7, running ADE 2..0.


      I used to download from the Public Library, using Overdrive, in ADE and transfer the book to the reader.


      With the new reader, I get the error booktitle error: CE_COPY_NOT_PERMITTED.

      If I try to authorize the book. or the program, or the Adobe ID, I get an error reading to the effect "E_AUTH_SERVER_NOT_READY with a retry button that just recycles endlessly, with each click.


      Leaving on a cruise soon...would sure like to read a book, or two...


      All help appreciated.