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    How to create a simple index in a long InDesign document?

    Dennis Whitehead Level 1



      I have a 320-page book that is in one document and I wish to create a simple index. I simply need to have personal names (last name first) and places in alphabetical order. I have gone through the basic steps of creating an Index but key features are not working for me and the general instructions are head-spinning.


      I am working with InDesign CC 2014 on a Mac.


      A name is highlighted and Create a New Index Entry is selected. When I hit Shift-Alt-Ctl and the proper name appears properly ordered with last name first, and also with first name first. But,hitting add all, only references to the first name first, other than the point where the name was added, appear. Why?


      In the end, when I have Smith, Jane Jones with one reference and Jane Smith with, say, 20, and Jane Jones with 5, how can these be combined under Smith, Jane Jones?


      Same for Reserve Officers Training Corps and ROTC - how can they be combined under the full title?