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    Extract Assets with Custom Sizes?


      I have a 1920x1080 PSD with many layers (close to a 100) of emeded assets that I need to extract at 66.67% (scaling down to a standard 1280x720).

      Is there a way to add a custom size on export? (all is offered is the 0.25x, 0.33x, 0.5, etc...)

      In addition! Is there a way to add JPEG (quality 75%) AND PNG (with Transparency) all in the export? Right now it requires to add those setting to export file individually. Seems to defeat the whole purpose. No?

      Am I missing a settings window somewhere?

      This is a HUGE time saver IF we can add custom settings.

      Thanks for any insight, or work arounds (maybe with Actions?)

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          If you not referring to generate web feature. That sound like a job for a script like the image Processor Pro. You can batch process your 1920x1080  PSD files and have the image processor pro script save out 1280x720  Jpeg PNG and PSD files.


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            fullbutter Level 1

            Thanks for the quick reply.


            Looks good! Digging around, but do you know if that will work with the latest and greatest CC?


            Actually it might fall more in the "generate web feature" category? This is not for web, but the same idea.


            I have a 1920x1080 that has many different sized embeded assets (some are 250x250, 1920x100, etc...) that make up the whole of 1920x1080. Each one of these indivigule assets needs to be exported to there specific size and/or "slice" in relation to the 1920x1080, that in the end gets reassembled to make up a 1920x1080 and also at 66.67% for 1280x720.


            I need to be able to update these elements and have a simple export option. Right now it's one at a time at 2 sizes and mixture of JPEG and PNG.


            Maybe creating and then exporting slices is the way to go? Was thinking Export Assets was going to easier, but seems to have too many limitations to make sense to me.



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              Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

              Did you consult Adobe's help on Generator? There's a lot of power there; you just need to know how to use the syntax.