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    Excessive rendering time


      I just bought Premiere Elements 13 today. Eager to try it out, I took 10min of HD video (30fps) of the clouds. I then time clipped the video to 15sec so that I could see a time lapse video of the clouds; basically 10min of cloud movement in 15sec. However, when I go to save or render the video, PE13 keeps calculating the render time. As of now, it is at +67 hours and counting. This is unreal.

      Does anybody have any clues on why this is happening? How to fix it?


      Thank you,


      p.s. Windows 7, 64bit, 2.6gHz, 12GB RAM

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          teddy12 Level 1

          ...and it is still counting. Render time is now up to 120 hours and going.....and going.....and going.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            In the Edit area....


            How are you creating your TimeLapse  (10 minutes to 15 sec video) - by using Time Stretch and its Speed % change to create a fast motion effect or other? If Speed % change, what value above 100%?


            However you are doing that, if you have an orange line over the Timeline content, you have the opportunity to render the Timeline to get the best possible preview of what you have. You are not saving your project. You are previewing it. Rendering does bring up the Rendering dialog and I will work through irregularities there, but how are you getting the rendering dialog by "saving" the project? I am referring to your comment

            However, when I go to save or render the video, PE13 keeps calculating......

            What happens if you open a new project? Same thing?

            Can you click cancel to Render in the current project, in that same project go to Timeline Menu/Delete Rendered Files, and then render the Timeline again with it

            going to a successful completion in a short time?


            Let us start here and then decide what next. At this point, I am understanding that your issue is an edit area/before export one. Is that correct?