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    Logging in/out issues

    gec78 Level 2

      So... Draw decided to log me out this today and then, because I was on a train and had no internet connectivity, I was unable to log back in or use the app. That really seems like a crappy system. I understand Adobe wants to force us all onto their Cloud system, and fair enough if they're giving us free apps, but surely we should only have to verify that we have a CC account once and after that be able to use the app even if we are not logged in. Adobe wants us to work when the inspiration hits us, as long as the inspiration hits us in an urban area with good connectivity. What happens when I travel to the outback here in Oz where in a lot of places there is zero connectivity? I can't rely on being able to use this app.

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          Frank Stokes-Guinan Adobe Employee

          Sorry to hear about the app signing you out while you had no internet connectivity. This is not intentional behavior and is a bug in the software. We are still trying to track down why this happens occasionally but don't have enough information yet on how/why this occurs. The intention is to keep you signed in indefinitely until either a) you explicitly sign out, or b) your sign in period has expired (which can only be determined when accessing one of our online services, which can only be done if you actually have internet connectivity!). Both (a) and (b) require network connectivity, which means the app should never sign you out unless you have network connectivity. Unfortunately, we have heard your same story from a handful of people, so we are trying to track it down.



          Draw Engineering

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            gec78 Level 2

            This is still going on, it's so annoying - I note by chance that it's a year to the day that I originally posted this. Still getting randomly signed out of the mobile apps, and this morning I got 'officially' logged out. I was working on something I started yesterday. When I shut the drawing to reference something I got a pop up saying that my sign in had expired. Why is there an expiry time? Why can we just log in once and stay logged in? Having to connect my iPad to my phone when I'm on the move and resign in really breaks the flow of work

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              Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



              My apologies for the slow response. As Frank mentioned, one year ago, we've had difficulty determining how/why this is happening (in part because we have trouble replicating the issue), but I am going to bring it up with the Draw team again.


              Despite the fact that I really don't have anything new to add, I didn't want you to think I was ignoring your post.