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    Rollover audio in Edge Animate

    C Trip

      I have created a rollover button which I've imported to Muse. The idea is that the button has an image of thunder which flashes when you rollover with the mouse and there is an audio of thunder over it.


      At the moment as planned when I mouseover the audio sounds and the image animates too. Again, as planned the audio and animation stop when the mouse leaves.


      BUT then when I mouseover again the image animates, but the audio doesn't work.


      How can I make the audio happen every time I mouseover?


      (I am a complete Edge animate novice, but am feeling very smug that I have got this far!)

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          markerline Level 4

          Edge uses Javascript for control of such things as Audio so it could be, as is the case with Flash and ActionScript (another ECMAScript Language) that you have to initialize a new instance of the Sound object whenever you want the effect to repeat itself as is the case in your mouse-over.  Not quite sure but I'm giving it an educated guess as to what could be going wrong.  I hope to learn more Javascript in the future as Flash transitions to Edge.

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            C Trip Level 1

            Thanks for the reply. As I said I'm a complete novice, so if you are correct, what does this mean in practice? Do I have to alter some setting in the file?

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              markerline Level 4

              You might have to write a line or two of JavaScript Code in the editor.  In Flash to write ActionScript you use the Actions Panel.  There must be something similar in the Edge interface where you can reveal and edit the JavaScript code.  Check out some of the tutorials on AdobeTV if they have any.  I'm sure you could also find something on YouTube or in the Help Documentation.

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                C Trip Level 1

                I seem to have spent a lot of time watching AdobeTV this week! Thanks for the advice. I'll try to see if I can find a video which helps, unless anyone else has the answer in a nutshell...

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                  C Trip Level 1

                  I eventually rang the Adobe help desk, and it was something simple. In the Elements Panel, instead of mouseleave I should have selected mousedown. So I have one mouseover and one mousedown. Easy when you know how

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                    markerline Level 4

                    Good that you got phone support on this issue.  I am pleasantly surprised. 


                    However as far as your solution is concerned it is not entirely correct based on the initial case you presented.  MouseDown would mean that you are pressing the mouse button to activate the sound which is not what you stated.  You wanted a simple MouseOver event to trigger the sound so I'm not exactly sure how your interaction works now unless I were to see your file or a screenshot or video of the interaction.