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    The Parameter is Incorrect Error message

      I know there is a similar topic to this in HTML Help forum, but it is happening to me and my primary layout is Web Help. When I try to delete a file in RH 6.0, I get the message "The Parameter is Incorrect." The window name that has the message is "RoboHelp HTML." From the Project tab I right-click the topic to be deleted and select Delete and the message appears.

      Also, when I right click on a topic and select Properties, I get the message, but when I click OK the Properties dialog box appears. However, there are no templates in the template drop-down and while I can select by clicking the ...button, it doesn't stay in the drop down menu.

      PS I tried all of the solutions offered in HTML Help forum, but since Web Help doesn't generate CHM files, I'm stuck.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          The other topic is in the RH for HTML forum which is for issues related to using the application. The HTMLHelp forum is for CHM issues and this forum is for webhelp issues. The "parameter is incorrect" problem is to do with using the application rather than the output.

          At the moment the solutions in the other topic are all that is known. What rights do you have on your PC? I ask as this problem has to be something local as when one person sent me their project, I had no problem deleting the topic they could not delete.