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    Problems with my portafolio on mobile devices


      Hello. I'm having problems, i just upload my first project but images look very bad when displayed on mobile devices. I have tried searching some answers but i couldn't find the reason. This is how it looks on my laptop and on an ipad. Thanks in advance

      Captura de pantalla 2014-10-23 a las 16.18.19.pngCaptura de pantalla 2014-10-23 a las 16.18.41.png

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          SarahBehance1 Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi there,

          I'm sorry for the confusion! The maximum image width supported on Behance is 600px wide. Occasionally you may see projects that seem to have wider images. This is a "hack" some members have created by uploading a background image that seems to blend in with the edges of the 600px wide content.


          You're welcome to do the same on your own projects, but this is not a supported usage of the background images and we can't guarantee that future changes to our project editor won't cause a conflict with this unorthodox use case. Right now, these projects are not supported on mobile devices because of iOS background limits, so we don't recommend using background images this way.


          I hope this helps clarify.