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    Anyone else experience crashes with InDesign CC2014 working with tables?

    Jenz Grove Level 1

      I am having issues with InDesign CC 2014 when working with tables. Every time I start working with a table I get a spinning beachball and have to force quit the software. I deleted and re-installed the software twice (plus removed the preferences) but no change.


      I am on a 2009 Mac Pro (Quad-Core Intel Xeon) running OSX Yosemite. InDesign is updated to the latest version (though Creative Cloud).


      This is quite an urgent matter for me because I am working on a deadline and it contains a lot of tables.


      Has anyone else come across this recently? I've read about this issue in forums but not with this version of InDesign. Apparently it was a known issue in previous versions.


      Any help will be hugely appreciated.


      Thank you.