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    Independant video and audio tracks separate


      I am using Premiere Elements 12 on a PC. I am working on a multimedia project combining video, stills and audio. Independant video and audio tracks separate when I insert a still image on another track. The tracks are not grouped or linked together. I do not know how to prevent this happening. The manual suggests pressing the Alt button when inserting but this does not work.

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          Holding down the Alt key of the computer main keyboard does work and works well under most ordinary conditions. Please practice and refine your Alt technique with care patience. But....


          Have you tried keeping certain parts of your established track content together by using the Group command after selecting a

          bunch of clips all at one time?


          Please review the following free online video tutorial which I post for informational and non promotional purposes


          I am having a lot of trouble with Internet connection today due to local storms. The above link was snowy when I viewed

          it but it should be OK if your Internet connection is OK. I will monitor this situation. The information given in that video tutorial relates to your question.


          We will be watching for your results.


          Thank you.