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    RH for Word - extra "font" codes displaying when compiling as WebHelp

    maniac9999 Level 1
      Hey everyone,

      I have a massive RH for Word project (over 2800 topics in 535 Word docs) running under RH X5 (Windows XP SP 2, Word 2003) that we currently compile as WinHelp 2000. As an experiment, I decided to try to also build it as a WebHelp project. For the most part, it comes out fine except for about 50 or so topics. In the TOC, the first topics in several different books have a ton of font names that appear in the content pane right before the topic title.

      The "font" codes look something like this:

      Arial;Courier New;Symbol;Wingdings;Tahoma;Verdana;Arial CE;Arial Cyr;Arial Greek;Arial Tur;Arial (Hebrew);Arial (Arabic);Arial Baltic;Arial (Vietnamese);Arial CE;Arial Cyr;Arial Greek;Arial Tur;Arial (Hebrew);Arial (Arabic);Arial Baltic;Arial (Vietnamese);Courier New CE;Courier New Cyr;Courier New Greek;Courier New Tur;Courier New (Hebrew);Courier New (Arabic);Courier New Baltic;Courier New (Vietnamese);Tahoma CE;Tahoma Cyr;Tahoma Greek;Tahoma Tur;Tahoma (Hebrew);Tahoma (Arabic);Tahoma Baltic;Tahoma (Vietnamese);Tahoma (Thai);Verdana CE;Verdana Cyr;Verdana Greek;Verdana Tur;Verdana Baltic;Verdana (Vietnamese);Employee ID

      "Employee ID" is the topic title that appears as Heading 2, Arial 14 pt, Bold blue in the original Word document that contains the topic.

      This only happens to the FIRST topic in a book, and it doesn't happen in all the books.

      The same thing happens when I compile in .CHM but everything is ok in WinHelp 2000. (Of course, for WinHelp 2000, we're "locking the fonts" after we make changes to any file but before we build, to overcome the problems created by that Word patch from last summer).

      Any ideas?