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    InDesign 2014 Installion with Settings and Prefs Moving Over From old CC

    Stefan Hallberg

      A while back I installed InDesign 2014 as it became available.  However, as the installation process and updating my preferences were not at all seamless, I deleted all the InDesign files, or so I thought,  and went back to InDesign CC. I again attempted to install InDesign 2014 using the Creative Cloud App and this time it only installed a Plug-ins and Utilities folder inside an InDesign 2014 folder, no App and no other support files.


      Please advice as how I can install InDesign 2014 using the Creative Cloud App, so it knows that it was installed, and move all my settings and Preference over to the new InDesign 2014?


      Any assistance and help will be greatly appreciated.