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    What is happening with Edge Animate CC 2014 the latest update?

    Kirchgässner Level 1

      What is happening with Edge Animate CC 2014 the latest update?


      Take a look at the topic-list. People are having serious problems, including myself.


      Yesterday i was working fine, but suddenly, when opening an older project, my Edge startede showing error-messages.


      I've tried to unn- and reinstall but nothing works.


      I suggest the staff to try to solve the problem instead of just telling-'my version is fine'.


      Edge is not a new software anymore, get it fixed...

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          LARV Level 1

          Any news on when the next update will be out?

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            heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

            Please be patient. I am sure the dev team is working hard, as stating a number of times, to get us a new version.



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              shawnk2520 Level 1

              I think we can all applaud Adobe and the dev team for making huge strides in building applications fit for today's design and development workflows. I'll be the first to say that as a ten+ year customer, I have grown to depend and rely on Adobe products to make a living. In my opinion, this is at the heart of the perceived frustration taking part in the forums. Having been a project manager and UI producer for fortune 200 companies, I am intimately aware of QA testing procedures as well as constant and steady push from the top to bring to market new services, features and products. You could say I have a love/hate for the term "minimal viable product." It's a competitive market and companies must be nimble and quick to stay on top. However, when products are launched and top tier features are so blatantly buggy, it's natural for frustration levels to rise and forum rooms to explode with negative commentary to which I am guilty of participating in. I offer no apologies as these forums are my only sounding port to voice my disappointment. I'm not sure how a top tier feature item like scroll motion and transform origin pass QA testing, but when they do, I expect someone to give a better answer than "start over" or "we don't support the earlier version that we [Adobe] are now forcing you to use because the latest version we released [and now only support] and sold you doesn't live up to expectations." I recently lost a 6k freelance job due to some of these bugs. What recourse do I have? When the bugs started to rear their ugly heads, I contacted support and they informed me to roll back and start over. I came into another bug (on the earlier release) which I asked for help on and was told none was available because that version was unsupported. Anger stems from fear. If the forums are exploding with negative and feisty commentary it's probably because many fear that their beloved Adobe seems to be becoming something foreign and unknown. With so much of us depending on these products, its natural to fear the unknown and that translates into tempers. If you look carefully, that last statement is a compliment. The only thing that gets me more heated than bringing buggy product to market which negatively impacts my ability to earn a living and work with confidence is when a defense of this type of corporate behavior is offered. You see, Adobe raised their hand and said "we want to engineer these products." They raised their hand and said "it's ready." I don't feel bad for them when I push back and say "no, it isn't." I didn't force anyone to bring these products to market.


              I still have an outstanding concern around Edge preloaders which appear to be buggy as well? Perhaps it's something I've setup and/or still need to research on/learn (after all, I don't know everything which I openly admit); but after several hours of effort and no change in results, I'm starting to think its another bug.


              First cup of coffee...done. Now let's venture into the world of the Adobe Unknown. Thanks for listening. This isn't meant to be an attack on any Adobe engineer or team for that matter. If anything, its a commentary on today's "corporate culture" which appears to now have infected Adobe as well.