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    Adobe online presentation for sales people



      Do you know if Adobe has a product similar to Prezi?

      We are looking for an on-line presentation tool for our sales people. The Adobe tool should enable us to upload company ppt. template and edit it. It must have features such as transitions, effects, multimedia, import/export flexibility and to play videos. We want to access it any time online / offline protected by a password (or to be sure that data are secured). The output should be innovative, eye catching and interesting for our customers. Please let me know if Adobe Presenter or any other Adobe tool is suitable / available.


      Thank you for your thoughts in advance!

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Presenter with Adobe Connect would be the closest option that I know of. But Prezi it is not. More work will be needed when creating a Presenter presentation. PPT would handle the transitions and effects. Presenter can have videos imported, not sure what you want with the export option. Connect would be able to provide online viewing at any time, and you could publish it to PDF with Presenter for offline viewing. Password protection would be available through Connect or you could secure the PDF. The 'eye catching' ability of Presenter would primarily rest on the strength of the PPT deck. Presenter can just dress it up with audio/video/Flash content and then make it available over the web.


          You can get a 30 day trial of Presenter and Connect on their product pages. You might also want to look at Captivate, but it may be a bit much of a transition, since it doesn't work with PPT as seamlessly as Presenter.