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    CF8 to CF11 - MSSQL cfquery uniqueidentifier fields returned in lowercase in CF 8, but in CF11 return in capital letters

    dimitar_mar2 Level 1

      Hello ,


      I am making migration from CF 8 to CF 11. Using MS SQL server. Raised an issue when check the result from cfquery tag.

      In CF8 all fields which are defined in DB as uniquieidentifier, when I receive the result there are in lowercase , something like this ''4eert4erte4tert4ert4545 ....

      The same request to the same DB and MS SQL server, but using CF 11 returning the result in capital letters , something like ''4EF56DSE76534SFJSF .......

      Do you have an in idea how I could fix this. I assumptions are that this is comming maybe from some settings of the connector of CF to MSSQL , I am not sure

      is this connector actually is using the JDBC driver .

      I really stuck in this so any ideas will be welcome.