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    Flash > PHP > MYSQL

      Hello all,

      Basically, im going to have a huge database of lets say books. I would like to have a flash file that reads the database, grabs the names of all these books and displays them, this is also reasonably simple. Until it gets to the stage where now all these book names will need a link on them to a frame with the details of that book.
      So the main question is - can flash dynamically change a button based on a mysql database?
      I hope someone can help.

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          Bob_Robertson Level 1
          Simple answer is 'yes'. There are a variety of methods to do what you're looking for. Here's one that I came up with on the spot; correctness not guaranteed. :P.
          I assume you have one "Details" frame which sucks out the details for that book. When you're loading book titles, have each button put into a clip, which contains that button, a text field, and whatever else you want. That clip is then assigned, I don't know, the book title, say, or the file name for an swf to load. When the associated button is clicked, that title is used to call for details on that book.

          Ooh! Or, if you wanted to, you could have an array of book titles, with a button associated with each row. That would let you prefetch more easily. I think.

          Just some ideas; good luck!
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            IT05JB Level 1
            Thanks for that, i see where you are going with it.... will have a go! Thanks a lot! Now comes the question of doom.... can i create a search engine to search all these books :P - in flash!? Or am i pushing it here?