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    AE Compositor Link & 3ds Max Motion Blur Flip




      I have imported an object into AE via the compositor link and state sets in 3ds Max. However the key frames come in as held key frames so I have to first fix that. Does anyone know why they might come in as square key frames instead of diamond shaped ones? Here is an Autodesk tutorial that clearly shows the imported object having diamond shaped key frames without having to change them. Using State Sets - Part 8 - Working with Solids and PSD files - YouTube


      But the big problem I am unable to fix is when I apply motion blur to the object. At certain key frames the object flips see a screen shot here: https://assets.adobe.com/link/8eb67d7d-88e0-4ce5-a1e9-4d24802f1dd0?section=activity_public.


      It appears that the rotation swaps from being a plus to a minus value in AE at certain key frames causing the object motion blur to get confused. I have spoken to Autodesk support and they are stumped at when could be the cause and suggested I ask here as it may be an AE problem and not 3ds Max. Here is a link to the AE file: https://assets.adobe.com/link/6bceafc4-5410-44ef-9328-bb8011e4a86f?section=activity_public