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    How can I open an adobe edge animate 5.0 project with adobe edge animate 4.0.1?


      Current I'm using edge animate with my friend a graphics designer for a mobile app project.  We already had submitted the app to itunes store and currently one animation was change.  All of the animations were created under Adobe Edge Animate version 4.0.1 and the latest animation my friend sent me was created using version 5.0.  Due to the changes I could not add the published animation directly with the older animations.  I tried re-saving and republishing the older animations to version 5.0 but then bugs are showing up.  Same animation shows different problems on different Android OS and iOS.  It's kinda painful for us since our deadline is in a few days.  So we are hoping an easy solution to convert the 5.0 animation to 4.0.1.  My friend tried re-downloading the older version of Edge Animate but below is the mac osx issue his seeing.  Hopefully a simpler solution can be provided.  Thank you.


      Adobe edge Animate Issue.png