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    How to create a date picker for PDF Forms in InDesign CC 2014

    Sascha Bösch



      Could anyone her please help me with a little problem I’m facing, using Adobe InDesign CC 2014?


      I’m workin on a form for a repair order in our shop. Everything works just fine, I was able to create dropdown fields for device informations as well as text fields for additional information.


      Since our customers get 3 month warranty for everything we repair, it’s necessary that there is a Date field at the bottom. Till now, I used a field with frame where my coworkers can enter the date by hand when it’s printed.


      Since that don’t seem to work ver well (some sheets are without date, some of them ar unreadable due to theyr writting skills) I would prefer to solve this with a date picker in my form.


      It doesnt realy matter if it just takes the date from the system or if it’s some sort of callender picker, it just need’s to work as easy as possible, so I don’t have to explain the feature to them.


      Youre help is highly apreciated and I thank u in advance.


      Kind regards


      S. Bösch