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    Map Module LR 5.6 after Upgrade for iMac Yosemite

    Border Allan



      This is my first request for help on the forum and hope you can help please

      Using an iMac on mavericks  and LR 5.5 map module worked fine

      Upgraded to Yosemite map module is not working correctly some time-outs says maps is off line other times loads intermittent parts of map


      Tried clean install of the mac and CC with LR 5.6 same problem

      Some site suggest this is a flash issue this does not seem to be the case

      Connection via ethernet is my norm but tried wifi same result

      Issue only seems to be LR no other program is affected

      Using Sky modem

      My inbulit fire wall is off and its a home network

      The LR app for iPad works ok and the web module works fine


      Any idea what on earth i am missing please prior to the Yosemite upgrade i did a google search and adobe suggested no issues had been found when used with CC


      Thank you