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    exported huge PDF's crash Mac OSX Preview?

    ipsystems Level 1

      Since I work with the new update, PDF's that I export from Photoshop are all of a sudden extremely huge and previewing them wont even work on the Mac OSX Preview App, because it causes it to crash. When we try to print it out from Windows 8, it crashes the whole system.


      So for example, I am working on a A4 File in 300ppi. All I use is an embeded Logo, that I already rasterized, shapes and a lot of text. I don't want to flatten my image, because the quality from the Text would suffer.


      How can I reduce that, and what causes this problem? It was fine before.

      btw, using Acrobat Pro to re-save it reduced the file size,  but its still unhandleable by the Preview App.