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    creative cloud installer just disappears


      Hi All,


      I've been using my creative cloud for quite some time with no issues. Ever since a handful of weeks, the creative cloud app won't show in my menu bar on OS X. When I ran it, it would say the application is damaged or unable, so it would direct me to the creative cloud installer page.


      However, when downloading the app, I get to the installation just fine but when it say "downloading installation package" after double clicking the installer in the install dmg package, the thing just disappears. No Cloud, no nothing.


      I tried the following:

      - turning off all firewall settings during download and installation. The thing just won't install.

      - Uninstalling the creative cloud thing first. Now it's gone, but it still won't install

      - Running the installation of application manager first. This tells me I should get the helpdesk manager somethjing as it crashes. When directed to that page, it says the helpmanager is discontinued which directs me here.

      - Turning off all photoshop and illustrator related processes.

      - killing the adobe processes in osX activity monitor


      I just want to be able to cloud'em up seamlessly so what should I do to be able to install the creative cloud app in the first place?