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    .swf files with imported video are just white slides with no audio.


      Hello there,


      I had been using Adobe Presenter 7 until recently and I have now upgraded to Presenter 10 for use within Powerpoint 2013. Unfortunately I am having quite a few issues with it.


      I am using it to make presentations built up of imported video files, as I had been doing before with Presenter 7 without any issue. I typically have a presentation of 6 parts and import each video file ~80MB Mp4 into a single slide then name each slide adding a presenter and output it to an 'swf' file. This worked fine in Presenter 7.0.7. Now my issue is that the output will load the player it will have the correct presenter, and timings on the chaptered sidebar but when it plays the presentation area of the screen is just white, there's no audio, no video just the correct time for each section. I've checked the output folder the individual video files will play within windows media player without issue.


      It should be noted that the html5 only version works fine, until uploaded to a web server and then it will not load any of the player with IE11 (I can't test it in other browsers).


      I would appreciate some help with this if anyone has any ideas to fix this.


      Many thanks