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    Pixelated Video, Pic in Pic issues after rendering.


      I need some assistance. I'm new to after effects and learning still. I'm having issues with my final rendered videos having pixelation on my video on video. For example here is a link to view a video I uploaded to youtube ( ) . I have a gaming channel and so I have a commentary video on smaller on top of the background game playing. Here is the thing all my video is recorded in 720 as well as my web came. The composition is set for 720 as well and the overlay. I made sure all is exact on this aspect. When I view it as preview etc there is no issues with the web cam on the video on video in after effects looks great! Then I render it and in random spots of the web cam it blurs and the pixels mess up  etc. Can anybody help me out with this please as to what I'm I doing wrong that this is happening?  I do appreciate any help!

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          I don't know that you really need After Effects for this.  You could probably do the same thing in premiere Pro.


          You don't mention the video codecs to which both pieces of video were recorded.  I'd look there first.  For AE work, I'd eliminate the possibility of the video codecs making life tough.  I would transcode to a good intermediate codec like QT movies in Animation, PNG or Photo JPEG codecs. 

          There's a little too much headroom for my liking on the talking head shot, but that's a matter of personal taste; it can be remedied if desired by adjusting a mask.