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    Flash Video Player  - Dynamic Menu List

    OnDemand Junkie Level 1

      I'm a beginner to ActionScript, but know most of the other ins and outs of Flash Video. I'm trying to create a Dynamic FLV player similiar to the look and feel of the one below. Althought this one uses Flash and Microsoft's Media Player. I've seen the examples on Adobe.com of the playlist driven. http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flash/articles/prog_download.html I don't want
      a scrolling combobox. I want to populate video thumbnails and text just like they do in this example below.


      1) What do you do in ActionScript to get a video to play when you click on a thmubnail?
      2) Does the thumbnail and the FLV player all have to be in the same SWF file?
      3) Does anyone know of any pre-built package that looks a lot like the above food network video player?

      I searched the net and Adobe and haven't found as a slick a player yet.