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    Which computer to buy


      I am sure this topic is discussed over and over again, I am sorry for that.  I am not a real techy person, so I'm reaching out to you all for some thoughts.  I have a 2008 Mac Pro, and run Photoshop CC and Lightroom.  I don't do any video editing. I shoot with a Canon 5D.  I am inpatient and hate waiting for functions to complete.  Color calibration is important for photography production. Would the new IMac I7 4.0 Ghz be a better bet than a Mac Pro Quad or 6 core?  Do any of you have experience on Retina Display's?  I am sure they are pretty to look at, but what I really care about is editing and printing, and speed. Does photoshop even utilize 6 core, or would that be over kill?  Thanks for you help.