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    Breaking a paragraph style: GREP and other options


      Alright, I'm laying out a newspaper here, and I want to try something I haven't seen often.


      I've laid out a 6 column block of text and I would like to have the first five columns of text be justify all lines.

      When I get to the sixth and final column, I want the alignment to simply be align left or rag right.


      I've tried setting paragraph style rules, utilizing the Next Style parameter, but that led me nowhere. The problem arises at the last word of the fifth column.

      It is here where I have placed an End Nested Style Here delimiter, hoping to silently break the paragraph in half, without the reader noticing, in order to apply a new style (rag right) but I just can't get it to work.


      I thought about using GREP to find my end nested style character, and then go into the Change Format parameter, and change to another paragraph style which is rag right, but it effects the entire paragraph, all the way into the bottom half of the fifth column or wherever the paragraph begins.


      In another post, Eugene Tyson says, "...What is really needed is a Grep Style that can apply a paragraph style automatically - currently InDesign only supports applying Character Styles through Grep Styles." So I don't know if I can change a paragraph style in the middle of a paragraph.


      Help me guys and girls! Um, please? Can I have multiple type-alignments per paragraph?