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    Any suggestings for resolving these Photoshop issues?

    asiabackpacker Level 1

      Recently upgraded the internal drive in my MacBook pro to a Seagate SSD Hybrid, and the performance boost is significant. Photoshop now launches in about 2-3 seconds, versus closer to 30 seconds previously.


      However, now that I'm getting into my first design project since the upgrade and working extensively in Photoshop, I am still noticing performance issues similar to what I was experiencing before the update. And the weird thing is it's mainly after working in Photoshop for a couple hours or so.


      After rebooting, Photoshop works pretty smoothly, but a couple hours into working, Photoshop starts to slow down: I start to experience delays in basic functions, mainly related to type. There is a delay of up to 2 seconds when typing before having it register. Other actions such as moving objects and painting get less responsive too after continuous work. The only way to resolve seems to be to reboot my machine...which can be a pain to do several times throughout my work day.


      I did think the issue was related to fonts (since I tend to keep far too many activated) so went into FontExplorer and deactivated every font other than system fonts and a few others relevant to the project I'm currently working on (it's the shortest my font list has ever been in Photoshop, and it's kind of a relief), however it didn't seem to solve the problem. Even after several reboots, it keeps returning.


      My machine is a 2009 MacBook Pro 2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 8 Gigs RAM, Running Yosemite 10.10

      I'm running Photoshop CS6 (tried CC, but actually preferred the prior version)


      I love the overall performance boost from the solid state hybrid drive. Am considering upgrading to a full SSD thinking this may resolve the problem with Photoshop. But would prefer not to spend more money if I don't have to.


      Any ideas on what could be causing these performance issues? Any ideas on how to resolve?


      I've also repaired permissions a few times, and run CleanMyMac regularly.


      Thanks in advance for any help at all!